Conservative 'Nevada First' Republican

Commissioner Keller clearly understands having led Lyon County through challenging times,

'You must be closest to the 'people'

to represent the 'people' of Nevada.

Vida D. Keller is serving her 8th year as Commissioner with 2 years as Chairman and current Vice-Chairman of the Lyon County Commission.  She is also the former 2-term First VP of the Fernley Republican women, delegate to the Nevada GOP, and President and one of the Founding Member's of the Lyon County Library Foundation.  On the County level Vida has worked hard to solve problems that were caused by changing economics, growth, and Mother Nature.

On the state level Vida will be working hard on solving problems that were caused by the state legislators themselves, on both sides of the aisle. Good laws can withstand good debate with an open government.

Vida believes in:

  • Bringing back trust in our election process and the people we elect.
  • Building a coalition so we can make Voter Identification the law and end mail in balloting
  • Our constitution, it does not need to be modified; it needs to be protected.
  • Less government, repeal excessive regulation and keep over reaching government out of our lives. If government would get out of the way we could bring back health, wealth, and pride for Nevadans.
  • Ending indoctrination in our schools, defend parents’ rights, and support school choice.
  • Socialism has no place in Nevada.

Vida loves Nevada and the people who call it home. She welcomes new residents into our State with just one caveat, experience the joy of living as a Nevadan before attempting to change Nevada.