Together We'll Fight for Conser​vative Issues

Voter Integrity

  • The right to vote in a free and fair election is one of our most basic civil rights and that right is under attack. I will fight to restore fair elections.
  • We need a Voter ID law.
  • Nevada needs tougher election laws to ensure that only Nevada residents that are US citizens receive a ballot.
  • We need to put an end to mail ballot elections, if you want an absentee ballot you can request one. Mailing everyone a ballot needs to stop.

Government Overreach

  • Our Legislature in Nevada needs to act as a check and balance on the Governor’s powers. This Governor has overreached and we need more strong conservative voices in Carson City to reign him in.
  • We will have more pandemics in the future and we are not finished with this one yet. Here in rural Nevada, we need to be able to make our own healthcare choices that are best for us and our families. We don’t need the Governor to tell us what we need to put into our bodies.
  • Every business is essential and I don’t think the government has the right to pick winners and losers. No business should ever be told that they need to close their doors.

Our Conservative Values

  • I am pro-life, I will always fight for our 2nd Amendment rights, and I will vote against any attempts to further regulate our businesses or raise taxes.